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DD Bio ZX²19 high-translucent zirconia

Even more possibilities, even greater efficiency

The blanks are optimised for the Sirona inLab®* and the inLab®* MC XL system. Through the development of this innovative material, we have combined all the well-known, positive mechanical properties of “white“ zirconia with an obvious increase in translucence. The DD Bio ZX² concept convinces with its cost effectiveness and also offers all the advantages of full-ceramic zirconia dentures. All blanks consist of pre-sintered zirconium dioxide stabilised with yttrium oxide (3Y-TZP-A). The special material density and homogeneity enable efficient and safe processing with inLab® grinding units.


Physical properties:

Density (after sintering) g/cm³ > 6,0
Coeff. of thermal exp. (25-500°C) 10-6K-1 10,5
Resistance to cracking MPa*m1/2 > 12,0
Flexural resistance (4-point) MPa 1200 (+/- 200)
E-module GPa > 200
Open porosity % 0

Chemical composition:

ZrO2 + HfO2 +Y203 > 99%
Al2O3 < 0,5 %
other oxides < 0,25 %

DD Bio ZX²19 20/19

Order no. G 610
Dimensions 20x19x15,5 mm
Quantity 24 pc

DD Bio ZX²19 40/19

Order no. G 611
Dimensions 40x19x15,5 mm
Quantity 10 pc
g604 1

DD Bio ZX²19 55/19 MCXL

Order no. G 612.1
Dimensions 55x19x15,5 mm MCXL
Quantity 2 pc


DD Bio ZX²19 65/25

Order no. G 613
Dimensions 65x25x22 mm
Quantity 1 pc


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