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DD cubeX²HS – high strength cubic zirconia system



The high strength – HS – variant of the “cubic zirconia systems®”. Perfectly combined in terms of aesthetics and stability. With this modification of the third generation cubic/tetragonal zirconium oxide, there are no compromises between translucency and strength. The high light transmission is achieved through targeted stabilisation of a defined quantity of cubic crystals in the zirconium oxide structure. The strength is increased due to the greater share of smaller, tetragonal crystals. Monolithic bridges ≥ 4 units are therefore possible. Due to controlled doping with more yttrium oxide (~ 4 mol.% Y2O3) more crystals are stabilized in the largest, cubic crystal phase of the zirconium oxide. The cubic crystals reduce the light refraction index and increase translucency. More smaller tetragonal crystals increase strength. DD cubeX²® HS combines both properties and thus defines a class of its own.


DD cubeX²®HSfor open systems and Wieland Zeno®*Tec
zw iso
Order no.Dimensions
G820 Ø 98 x 10 mm
G822 Ø 98 x 14 mm
G824 Ø 98 x 18 mm
G825 Ø 98 x 20 mm
G826 Ø 98 x 25 mm


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