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- the polymer steel


DD PeekMED is the ideal combination of biocompatibility and ultimate strength. Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) has a modulus of elasticity similar to human bone and is thus extremely wear-resistant. These attributes have made it a highly sought-after material in surgical endoprosthetics. Compared with titanium implants, stress peaks at the interface to the bones are reduced. Dental constructions also benefi t from this property. This reduces the load on screw and adhesive bonds of the dental prosthesis as well. An ideal material for heavily load-bearing indications. Its total biocompatibility underscores the material through its inert property against body fluids.



  • e.g. abutments and cervical gingival formers, bar constructions, tertiary constructions, telescope crowns, transversal links (Due to its properties, the material is indicated for permanent use in the oral cavity.)


Physical Properties:

Density ~ 1,5 g/cm³
Flexural strength ≥ 150 MPa
Breaking stress ≥ 85 MPa
Elongation at break >= 5%
E-module ≥ 3.800 [MPa]
Softening point 305 [°C]
Product standard  DIN EN ISO 20795-1

Polyetheretherketone (PEEK)

DD PeekMEDfor all open systems and Wieland Zeno®*Tec
zw iso
14 mm K 3.01.14 K 3.02.14 K 3.03.14 K 3.03.14
18 mm K 3.01.18 K 3.02.18 K 3.03.18 K 3.03.18
23 mm K 3.01.23 K 3.02.23 K 3.03.23 K 3.03.23

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