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Further CAD/CAM accessories



DD phoneiXfor perfect sintering results

DD-Phoenix-7 web

DD phoeniX web


Discoloration and contamination of the sintering objects are not uncommon and often lead to undesirable results in the daily laboratory routine. Concealed behind it, damaged heating elements cause diffusion of molybdenum from the heating elements into the chamber. The new reviving cleaning powder DD phoeniX takes these impurities from the furnace atmosphere, absorbs them and cleans the furnace constantly. The regular use of DD phoeniX provides pure, color-consistent sintering results, prevents recurring deposits in the fi ring chamber and extends the working life of the heating elements. We recommend using the DD phoeniX sintering tray due to the sintering activity of the cleaning powder.

• no greenish discoloration of sintering objects caused by molybdenum
• ensures reliable and pure sintering results

Scope of delivery:

bottle á 200 g 


bottle á 200 g: Z 010 


bottle á 200 g: 69,00 € 

DD Membranbox 

Membrandose6 klein

Membrandose4 klein

Membrandose2 klein


With our new DD Membranbox, transportation of crowns and bridges is simple and convenient. Simply place your dental restauration on the membrane surface and close the box. The second membrane applies itself like a second skin around your work and holds it in place. Therefore a safe shipment as well as a professional appearance is guaranteed.

• “ready-to-use“
• professional look and feel
• multiple usage possible
• work is safely hold in place
• convenient packaging, simple handling
• measurements: 40 x 40 x 20 mm

Scope of delivery:

10 Dosen 

100 Dosen

Order no.:

10er-Set: Z 007

100er-Set: Z 008


10 pices-Set: 11,90 €

100 pieces-Set: 99,00 €


3D Scanspray(Helling)
DD Scanspray


The anti-reflection spray can be applied very thinly, due to its fine, homogenous structure. The 3D Scanspray is ideally suited for applications with high requirements for friction/fit.

Excellent value for money.

Scope of delivery:

400 ml

Order no.:



21,90 €


DD Z Pearls 
DD Z Pearls


The homogeneous size and surface quality support the movement of objects in sintering.

The pearls cannot get stuck in the proximal area of the bridge. DD Z Pearls finely granulated for dental applications.

Scope of delivery:

200 g Ø 2,0 mm

Order no.:





39,00 €