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DD Nature Zr

The innovative veneering paste for zirconia

DD Nature Zr

We live up to our own demands for brilliant, aesthetic dental prostheses with the innovative DD Nature Zrporcelain veneers. Our name stands for quality – as close to the original as possible. The concept allows you to achieve brilliant and reliable colour renditions with the least effort. A veneer system that adapts to your laboratory routine and not vice-versa. As a ceramic specialist and one of the leading zirconia producers, we ensure that all processes are coordinated with each other, from the raw material to the finished milling blank and ceramic powder. We provide you with the basis for strong, flawless bonding practically ex works. From high-quality veneering work to cost effective, full-contour zirconia restoration as alternative to non-precious dental alloys. With our zirconia blanks and the DD Nature Zr veneering paste we cover the entire spectrum - state-of-the-art dental prostheses made in Germany. The paste can be fired onto DD Bio Z frameworks or on the highly translucent DD Bio ZX².

DD Nature Zr is a veneering ceramic aesthetically and technically perfectly matched to zirconia frameworks (Y-TZP). WAK has been optimised for very strong bonding with zirconia (WAK 10,5-10-6 K-1).


Physical properties:

Coefficient of thermal expansion (25-500°) 10-6 K-1 9,5
Glass transformation point 550
Flexural strength MPa 90 Min.50



DD Nature Zrcomplete set

DD Nature Zr Komplettset

DD Nature Zr Komplettset 2

DD Nature Zr Komplettset 3


This set provides you with the full range of DD Nature Zr in compact form. The set includes everything from dentine dyes to glazing liquids.

Scope of delivery:

  • 16 Dentine: A1-D4 à 20g
  • 4 Enamel: E1-E4 à 20g
  • 2 Gum:à 20g
  • 3 Transpa:à 20g
  • 3 Transpa effects:à 20g
  • 2 Transpa opal
  • 1 Correction:à 20g
  • 13 Stains:à 4g
  • 1 Glaze:à 4g

Order no.:

N 200

DD Nature ZrDentine
DD Nature Zr Dentin


16 Dentine: A1-D4 à 20g

DD Nature ZrEnamel
DD Nature Zr Schneide


4 Enamel: E1-E4 à 20g

DD Nature ZrGum
DD Nature Zr Gingiva


2 Gum:à 20g

DD Nature ZrTranspa & Effect
DD Nature Zr Transpa and Effect


1 Transpa: à 20g

DD Nature ZrCorrection
DD Nature Zr Korrekturmasse


1 Correction: à 20g

DD Nature ZrModelling liquid
DD Nature Zr Modellierfluessigkeit


1 Modelling-liquid: à 30 ml

DD Nature ZrStains
DD Nature Zr Malfarben


13 Stains à 4g

DD Nature ZrGlaze and Glaze liquid
DD Nature Zr Glasurmasse und fluessigkeit


1 Glaze à 4g
1 Glaze-liquid à 30ml