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DD ArtElements

coloring liquids for individualization

of DD Bio Z, DD Bio ZX² und DD cubeX²

Our DD Art Elements are the basis for highly aesthetic monolithic crowns and bridges. They include incisal-, effect and brightening liquids. These can be used in combination with DD Pro Shade and DD Basic Shade and with all types pf zirconia. With the range of DD Art Elements liquids you have all possibilities to individulize your zirconia restorations. Especially due to our extended range of the new effect colors blue, yellow, orange, purple and graphite. With this range the baseline for beautiful and efficient dental art work has been laid. 
There are eleven effect colors available for tinting the dentine colours or for the occlusal individualisation.
Coloring liquid for use with white dental direkt zirconium millong blanks
DD ArtElements Set 

DD Art Elements Faerbeset


The full range for aesthetic full-contour zirconia restorations.

Scope of delivery:
11 bottles à 30 ml effect colors
5 botlles à 15 ml incisal colors
3 bottles à 30 ml bleach colors
1 bottle à 30 ml vario liquid
40 applicators



DD ArtElements - Effect colors

DD Bio ZX² monolith zero Effect colors3

DDArtElements frei2


There are eleven effect colors available for tinting the dentine colors or for the occlusal individualization.

Scope of delivery:

bottle á 30 ml

Order no.:

colorbottle á 30 ml
light pink  LAE30LP
dark pink   LAE30DP
purple LAE30P 
yellow LAE30Y 
orange LAE30O 
light brown LAE30LB 
dark brown LAE30DB 
blue LAE30B 
light grey LAE30LG 
dark grey LAE30DG 
graphite LAE30G 
DD ArtElements - Incisal colors
 DDArtElements frei2

There are five colors available for occlusal and incisal customisation using the color combination chart. Specially for the dipping technique there is one color available.

Scope of delivery:

bottle á 15ml

Order no.:

colorbottle á 15 ml
SA1 for painting-technique
(0M3; A1; A2; B1; B2)
SA2 for painting-technique
(A3; A3,5; A4; B3; B4)
SC1 for painting-technique
(C1; C2; D2)
SC2 for painting-technique
(C3; C4; D3; D4)
SO for painting-technique
(0M1; 0M2)
for dipping-technique (all dentine colors)


DD ArtElemts - Vario 

DD Bio ZX² monolith zero Faerbeliquid vario


The Vario Liquid is used to lighten the dentin color. Including filling syringe.

Scope of delivery:

bottle á 30 ml

Order no.:



Das „one for all“-Farbsystem, das sich Ihrem Laboralltag anpasst und nicht umgekehrt