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Zirconium – high-perfomance ceramics – high-perfomance processes

The homogenous material structure of our blanks provides the basis for the excellent strength characteristics and long-term clinical durability of a dental prosthesis made of zirconium oxide. We implement intensive quality measures which go far beyond the requirements of dental standards. We take it for granted that only material with the best properties is suitable for a dental medicine product.



Quality demands transparency and control

This is why we offer our customers the chance to obtain a glimpse behind the scenes in our transparent zirconium production. You can follow the journey from powder to blank in minute detail.

See for yourself, examine our production standards and experience how we define and assure quality.

We are acutely aware of the high level of responsibility we assume towards users and patients when it comes to our high-performance medical ceramics. We meet this responsibility through a production process fine-tuned down to the smallest detail, to manufacture homogenous zirconium blanks totally free of defects for dental medicine.

This starts with specially designed production facilities which ensure absolute hygiene and clean room conditions and continues with production systems built exclusively for the manufacture of medical zirconium blanks.

Make an objective comparison.


We look forward to your visit.